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A player's guide to India Bitcoin casino sites. Learn how to play bitcoin casino games online. Discover BTC casino services and features. Win BTC.

Bitcoin Casino: Player’s Online Guide to Crypto Casinos


Feeling bullish about crypto? Are you part of the new interest that boom at the turn of the year? Well, it all seems to be happening. What is touted by many as the future of finance is being played on the markets right in front of us. Once the cryptocurrency bitcoin was laughed at, those laughing now are the ones that mined the coin back in the early 2000s and bought bitcoin so low that now, millionaires are being made because of savvy foresight.

Bitcoin is indeed the future of payment or at least it will play a big role in it given the influence it has on the market overall and what does all this have to do with playing poker games online and placing down sports bets on our favourite teams? Well, the age of bitcoin gaming is and has been upon us.

Since 2015, casinos looked and thought, is this a good idea, and they rolled with it, becoming the first industry to accept crypto payments. Casinos could take on Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, and Litecoin.

For many new exotic names, but for the casinos, an industry built on finance knew all too well that this was perhaps the greatest move they have ever made.

So, this led us to make a guide on bitcoin casinos, and what will be the future of gaming. It may not be big or even popular right now, but the signs are there, clear and evident and the option to be part of a BTC casino is something that can now be given to players living in India.

We’ll be discussing the features and services that are offered by the top Bitcoin online casinos. If you want a reward, then we’ll tell you of the bitcoin casino bonus promotions that no ‘traditional’ casino can match. We tell you of the Bitcoin casino games and how they differ from regular gaming features. All thing relating to a blockchain casino is mentioned here for you to learn from.

Gambling online with BTC

Any consideration to experience Bitcoin casino games and to be part of the new wave of Bitcoin online casinos coming into India requires you to act now. Why? Because each day that passes, that bitcoin is gaining more value, the higher it climbs the less you may be able to afford. 1 BTC right now is approximately 4,000,000 rupees. The value of bitcoin has long surpassed that of gold, and this is your golden opportunity to become a bitcoin holder and bitcoin casino player.

Now, we know that the press gave the crypto circuit a ton of bad reviews and stories, even in 2020, bankers were saying the whole scheme is flawed. Que Elon Musk, the richest human ever, paying 1.5billion into bitcoin.

Within weeks JP Morgan makes massive investments into bitcoin, the Visa and MasterCard services no looking at bitcoin and PayPal adding it to its payment ledger.

This is becoming serious stuff and despite the instability of the crypto market, there can be no denying that now bitcoin has a place in future finance.

Any hesitation is understandable, why even convert money into bitcoin if casinos online are still taking rupees? Well, this is a valid point and by no means does this mean an end of rupee casinos online. Why we introduce this guide to Bitcoin Casinos in India is because the reality is that blockchain sites will be at the forefront of a gaming revolution. Bitcoin prices will only increase, and it is only beneficial to be part of it whilst the costs are at its lowest.

In the future a BTC casino will be integrated with crypto token rewards, it will have virtual reality implemented into the service as standard. Crypto allows for a far greater gaming experience and the latest Atari Casino is evidence of this and where all casinos will head towards.

Right now, a bitcoin casino bonus is the chance to win a new Model 3 Tesla car, not many casinos can claim that unless, they are 100% genuine blockchain sites.

But take note, there are two kinds of BTC casino out there, so let’s tell you the facts about those which are great and those not so great.

Casinos accepting Cryptos

Now, back in 2015, crypto was still something no one talked of but knew about. For any business to take it on as serious payment was either brave or stupid. If anything is to be learnt, it’s to do what the money-men do. If Elon Musk says to invest in crypto, invest in crypto. If one of the biggest financial institutes dips its toe into crypto, then it’s going to be safe for everyone. Power in numbers is where the surge in popularity begins and it has begun. But in 2015, there was no power in numbers, no one budged.

Casinos made the first move, perhaps the only time they actually made a gamble themselves. So, slowly, a growing number of online casinos started to accept crypto payments. At the time, it was Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. This is as far as the ‘bitcoin casino’ experience went because though players paid in with BTC currency, their money was converted at the time into USD. They would then play with the US dollar and win the dollar in return when cashing out. For many players, it was not ideal. If they wanted to re-invest into bitcoin, the market value may have increased and if winnings were lower than the bitcoin increase rate, players may have lost money overall despite winning.

At this point, there was no real blockchain casino on the market anywhere in the world until 2017 when Bitstarz official became the first of many new Bitcoin online casinos that offer real BTC slots, that allowed players to make BTC deposits and should they win, they can be paid in BTC cryptocurrency.

And this is only just the beginning of where crypto and bitcoin gaming will go.

Best BTC casino

The use of bitcoin in casinos in India is something that has been a long time coming. Players from Canada, America, Europe, and Australia have long had access to these sites. They are global platforms using a new global currency.

Which is the best? Well, picking your bitcoin casino is no different a process than picking a rupee casino.

The fundamentals of safety, security, and legitimacy are always first on the list of checks you need to make before heading off to play on your favourite Bitcoin casino games.

The licensing body for India’s online casinos remains the same, bitcoin or not bitcoin. Your casino will either be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission or by the Malta Gaming Authority. By using bitcoin, in itself, you have all the security you need around your finances. From the casino’s point of view, they will be securing personal data with 128-bit SSL software.

The biggest point of interest when picking a casino, is, of course, the games you want to play. With bitcoin casinos, you have access to the same types of games as regular casino members have. There are some special BTC slot machines made exclusive for the BTC user. These BTC slots are built with a Provably Fair system check which runs a split half-second check when playing a spin to make sure there are no faults or bugs that can influence the spin. It’s not an entirely unique feature but the fact they are trying to make something new is a start.

Yes, you will also have sports betting as an option in some of the Bitcoin casinos in India. The biggest interest is, of course, the Indian Premier League. You will have access to all games in the cricket league and all international test matches and cup tournaments.

There is also the option to play live dealer casino games like blackjack, poker, teen patti, roulette, and andar bahar.

Aside from the gaming qualities, these blockchain sites have more to offer in terms of bonuses, VIP clubs, special gaming intel, and so much more.

You will need to look over every inch of these Bitcoin casinos in India and say “yes, these casinos tick all the boxes!” and then you can join them. This is what makes a casino good for you. This goes for any online casino; you need to pick what is right for you. Which casino offers the best games, the best software, the best security and so on.

BTC Casinos in India

Of the choices open in the Indian market, there are three key bitcoin casinos that you can join that are your 100% crypto casinos and there are about 50 others that provide the paying in service, but then convert the money into rupees.

To make sure you land the right bitcoin casino and to know if it is on the best bitcoin casino in India, just simply check to see if the banking page of the operator is able to take bitcoin payments and offer a bitcoin withdrawal service as well.

If you are unsure, you can always contact the casino before joining to ask these questions. The casino’s welcome bonus may also indicate it’s a full bitcoin casino by offering BTC welcome bonuses. So, keep an eye out for BTC to be written across the promo offers found on the homepage.

But long before all of this, to play with your Bitcoin at a casino site, you first need to have the bitcoin ready.

Depositing in Bitcoin

If you are not yet a bitcoin owner, then of this whole process, getting the currency is the most tasking process.

You first need to register with a broker selling crypto. Setting an account up can take up to 72 hours whilst account details are verified.

Buying a full bitcoin is currently 4,000,000 rupees and climbing day by day. You can buy smaller fractions of a bitcoin if you wish. With the currency purchased, you need to then get a bitcoin wallet that will store your finances.

The wallet comes with a unique number that you will add to your casino account. So, first, find the best bitcoin casino in India and register. Once approving your account, you can then add your crypto wallet to your banking preference. You can now transaction your BTC deposits and, if so, claim your welcome bonus.

At this point, you can now begin to enjoy your favourite casino games and play to win real BTC from these bitcoin casinos.

So, getting the bitcoin in the first place is the laborious part of all this. Joining these crypto casinos is actually very straightforward.

If you already have your bitcoin, then you are already 90% done in terms of being ready to join any of these Bitcoin casinos in India.

Bitcoin bonuses

If you sign up to play with Bitcoin at a casino site for the first time, you may qualify to claim an exclusive casino bonus. The welcome bonus is something offered by all the Bitcoin casinos in India. Many people judge the quality of a casino based on the size of the welcome bonus, but you can actually learn more about which is the best bitcoin casino in India, in terms of promo bonuses, just by looking at the terms and conditions. This is important because bonuses change all the time. What could be the best site online for many reasons, may miss out on customers because one week they changed their free spins bonus from 200 to 150, whilst a worse casino put out 200 free spins from the 150 in the previous week. These are the fine margins, and more players will be drawn to the worst casino.

When selecting your new bitcoin casino, always judge the bonus by their terms and conditions. The information will tell you what casino games are eligible with the bonus offer. You will be told what BTC deposits are required to activate the account. Lastly, you will learn of the wagering requirements that come with the offer, something all bitcoin casinos have in their terms, yet very few know about.

Read all the information provided to better your judgement on which new online casino you’ll be joining to win more Bitcoins.

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